Healthcare is a universal right. We cannot allow the members of Congress, whom we voted into office on the express condition of protecting our rights to well-being and health, destabilize and eliminate the only policies guaranteeing us these rights. This fight belongs to American citizens who build the communities we live in.

This Healthcare Stories blog is the United Valley Interfaith Project’s collection of healthcare stories from New Hampshire and Vermont. As you read through the stories, listen: can you find yourself in the story? Everything begins with telling and listening to stories, making this a fundamental part of the fight that ropes together all members of our community, of our nation.

When it comes to healthcare, every one of us has a personal and compelling story that is a crucial part of not only our national narrative, but also of the narrative in our communities. UVIP recognizes the importance of this narrative in shaping healthcare policy, and so we have sought to create a space where individuals can share stories that inform, educate, and become evidence towards the need for available and accessible healthcare.

Functioning partially as a creative space and as an archive, this blog is a place to document and discover the healthcare issues resonating through our community today. We invite you to read through these stories personally written by residents of New Hampshire and Vermont, and to consider sharing your own story with us.