Due to new federal policies, immigrants without documents living quietly among us are now in mortal fear of deportation by Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE). 

Our immigration work in New Hampshire is statewide in scope. We work closely with the Manchester-based Granite State Organizing Project and the Concord-based American Friends Service Committee to build statewide power.

what we're doing about it:

  • Immigrant Support Network -- We are organizing local clusters of faith communities, which, working together can provide support in many forms for immigrant families at risk, up to and including physical sanctuary. Other forms of support include financial assistance, food, childcare, family support, legal assistance, and more. 
  • Accompaniment  -- We are organizing to accompany immigrants without documents when they must report to ICE for periodic check-ins. Prayer vigils are held outside ICE every time immigrants must report.
  • Know Your Rights Training – We are working with the ACLU to educate both immigrants and non-immigrants on the rights that immigrants – even without documents – have when confronted by ICE agents. 
  • Rapid Response -- We are organizing to rapidly deploy people to sites of ICE raids on homes or workplaces, to stand as observers and reporters of their deeds.