UVIP has been fighting predatory lending for years.  It became clear after our last attempt to set a 36% APR rate cap in NH that the lobbyists have too much power in Concord, so we set our sights on Washington, D.C.!  We are a part of a national campaign to curb malicious lending practices through regulation by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).  We also recognize that bad lending practices are not the only system prohibiting people from thriving and so we are also mobilizing around issues aimed at creating real economic security for working families.  We are spearheading a campaign in New Hampshire to pass legislation to improve the lives of temp workers and increase the MINIMUM WAGE!

  • UVIP has a team dedicated to bringing about a more equitable local, state, and national community. Team members meet monthly to strategize ways to leverage people power for change! Team members work in collaboration with other leaders across New Hampshire, Vermont, and the nation to bring about real, long-lasting change. All are welcome to join the team, we meet for 90 minutes once a month on the last Wednesday of the month.


  • Don't have time to commit to the Economic Justice team, but want to support the work? No problem? Do you have 5 minutes a month to spare? Become a 5 Minute Friend! Every small action helps!